The Liberty R3volution Continues!

The Liberty R3volution will continue until liberty is restored. Illinois LiberTEA is the Illinois extension of American LiberTEA. A growing group of grassroots LIBERTY activists across America with State, Congressional District and Local Groups that are dedicated to finding and supporting LIBERTY candidates in every race across America.

Our Mission

Illinois LiberTEA Fest is a non-partisan, non-profit annual gathering of constitutionally minded American individuals and groups coming together in unison, to talk Freedom, Liberty and the Constitution.

Illinois LiberTEA Fest Contacts


Ralyn Schraceo (217)492-1163 or (563)571-0836 (cell)
Timothy Goodcase (630)935-8822

LiberTEA Fest Committee (alpha order)

Brian Lange
Fred Schneider
Ralyn Schraceo, Founding Officer
Shawn Ewart
Timothy Goodcase, Treasurer