LiberTEA Candidates

As part of our on-going mission, Illinois LiberTEA is always seeking out liberty minded candidates to support at all government levels. Illinois LiberTEA candidates are vetted solely on Constitutionality and liberty mindedness.

Candidates that would like to be vetted need to start by submitting the LiberTEA Candidate Questionnaire. If you're not a candidate, but have a candidate that you'd like vetted, please have them fill out and submit the questionnaire to start the vetting process.

*LiberTEA vetting does not necessarily mean an endorsement; however we will never endorse a candidate that does not pass our vetting.

IL LiberTEA "endorsed" candidates require a unanimous vote by committee members for an actual endorsement.

IL LiberTEA Candidates are announced and promoted at our annual IL LiberTEA Fest - vetted and endorsed candidates are expected to attend.

Vetting Questionnaire - Step 1

All vetting starts with filling out and submitting our general questionnaire. Please completely fill out and submit the online questionnaire in order to start the vetting process. Once your questionnaire is recieved, it will be posted to our facebook group for review and comment.

Online Candidate Questionnaire ---> Click Here!

Q & A Conference Call - Step 2

Once the vetting committee has had adequate time to review the initial candidate questionnaire and do a little digging, candidates will be contacted to set up an open to the public conference call for further questions by the vetting committee. If time allows, the call will be opened up to questions from non-committee participating callers.

Illinois LiberTEA Vetted Candidates

Candidates that pass our vetting will be contacted to inform them of passing our vetting plus listed on both our web site and facebook group LiberTEA Candidates file. Please note that vetting is based on Constitutionality and liberty mindedness and is not necessarely an endorsement. Any endorsed candidates will be specifically noted as endorsed.

Candidate web pages coming soon.