Illinois LiberTEA Fest 2022

Illinois LiberTEA Fest 2022

Join us for a full day of Patriotic FUN!

A State-Wide event bringing all Liberty minded groups and individuals together for...

Great Music, Fellowship, Motivational Speakers, Kid's Activities and more...

Bring the whole family for a fun filled day of Liberty Loving Fun!

Date: Sep 10, 2022
Time: 11:00 am - 5:00 pm
Location: 1008 W Hewitt St, Taylorville, IL

Lunch Served at noon - please RSVP

Bring your lawn chairs and keep all signs family friendly.


Phone: 217-492-1163

*A Non-partisan, non-profit concerned citizen's event - All are welcome.

IL LiberTEA Fest RSVP Form

RSVP not required but appreciated to give us an idea on how many to expect. Form can be used to let us know your coming, lunch reservation,request speaking time and/or to send us a message or question. Use the optional comment section to include any details. For messages that are not an RSVP for attendance put 0 in How Many.

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LiberTEA Fest Agenda

Schedule will be released once scheduling is complete.

Lunch: Noon
Candidate Forum: 12:15 PM
Patriot Round-table: 3:00 PM

LiberTEA Fest Topics

Upcoming Elections
Election Fraud/Prevention
Amendment 1
Constitutional Sheriff
Education: Stopping legalized child abuse
Grassroots Activism
Gun Control
Plandemic Prevention
Taxes/Tax Fund Abuses
*Above listing subject to change as we work on speakers and topics

Speakers: Invited/Confirmed*

Speaker List subject to change as we invite and confirm speakers.

Bobby Piton
Election Fraud/Integrity
Senator Darren Bailey
Rep Avery Bourne
95th District
Illinois Family Institute*
John Birch Society
Dan Sexson*
John Birch Society
Illinois Freedom Alliance*
Illinois Policy
Live Truth Radio
Rep. Mary Miller
The Machine Radio Show*
Randy Stuffelbeam*
IL Sen Doris Turner
48th District

Vendor/Info Booths & Program Ads

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Attention vendors, non-profits & candidates!

Vendor & Information booth spots are available for a donation of $25.

Set Up Time: 9:30 am - NOT BEFORE
Check in for set up location BEFORE unloading.
*Illinois LiberTEA reserves the right to limit spots on availability

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Upcoming Events

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Taylorville, IL
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